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Here are my hire prices; to book an experienced full-time London caricaturist, they're the going rate if not competitive.

I'm pretty certain I'm the only UK caricaturist with clear set rates up on their site for customers to have something concrete to go by, I'm not quite sure why. For me the only real logistical variable is the journey, which I factor in when I quote.

Venues beyond central-ish London will most likely require something for travel, in which case I'll clearly point the amount out in your quote. Unless you're in the wilderness, it's never that much.

Look out for absurdly low, completely unfeasible "average", "guide", and "starting from" prices for the various caricaturists showcased on price comparison/certain agency websites.

Go by the artwork, and perhaps try to get a bit of an idea of what the person you book is like - there's a social aspect to what I do of course - or you risk ending up with a Muppet!

My average booking lasts three to four hours. According to the time-money ratio, the longer you book me for the better the deal it works out at for you, and of course the more free sketches I'll produce.

Upfront rates, along with lots of recent live sketches (and pics of 'orrible old Mr Sketchum) on my website made with genuine sticky-tape, mean you can trust that what you see here is exactly what you get.

       Two hrs:

      Three hrs:

      Four hrs:




Five hrs

Six hrs:

Seven hrs:




~ Quotes given are all-inclusive & there's no VAT to add ~

I'm often due to stop when I'm still in high demand, which can break guests' hearts! For 50 per hour I can usually* extend my performance.

Preprinting graphics and/or commemorative messages on all the sheets of card I work on adds 40.

(*As long as I can catch the last train home/haven't got something important previously planned/don't have another booking for straight after yours)

Fees are payable on or a few days before the day of performance (corporate client terms may vary), by bank transfer, BACS, cash, cheque, or PayPal (works with Amex).

When we're agreed on the main details I'll email my booking form (not the enquiry form below!) to you. Once that's been completed, returned and acknowledged, you've secured my services. Then all we need to do is contact each other (a week or so) before the event just to check everything's still on track...and we're all set!

Contact Alfie ("Mr Sketchum"!) ~

 07719 262736     alfie@sketchum.co.uk*

~ For a prompt response please use the enquiry form ~

(*if emailing, try to include the details below)


Email (please double-check):*


Event type:*

Venue (with postcode if poss):*

Day of the week plus date:*

Approximate timings:*

Contact me by:*


(*It'll "bounce" unless you fill these bits in)




One clients' opinion:

"Waste of money!"



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