~Chelsea College of Art & Design~

Here's a few sketches of my tutors done whilst studying there:

David Morgan ~ Graphics guru and knuckle-gnawing genius. Gave great lecture. Frequently high on Lemsip. Big luminous nose. Armed with acid wit.

He's still working at Chelsea I think. Met him on his bicycle in Portobello Rd in 2012. He told me he'd done an image search using his name and found this small pencil sketch (4"/3") above.

Hello Dave! Googling your name again eh?! Let me know if you'd like the original.


Angela Braven ~ Drawing Mistress. Once correctly called a chalk pastel life drawing of mine "slime". I'd used my fingers to smear the pigment around to create shadows, resulting in - slime. Remember her looking down at this sketch during life drawing and saying, whilst raising an eyebrow and without the trace of a smile, "That's not bad actually". Absolutely hated putty rubbers.

Colin ~ Head of printmaking at Bagley's Lane.

Dry. Extraordinarily grumble. Loveable.





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